We believe that good education is one of the vital building blocks for success

Success in life, success in society and success in improving the world around us.

At Cerebral, making the world a better place is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It all began because of a wonderful woman called Kathie. Kathie has been teaching for more than forty years because of a deep, strong passion. She is passionate about kids, passionate about education and passionate about helping people. She believes in her calling to be a teacher, and she lives it with all her heart!

Kathie has put over thirty years of maths-teaching experience into creating a series of courses designed specifically to help students prepare for – and pass – their final exams.

We started with maths because it is Kathie’s primary subject, and it is most definitely the scariest of all high school subjects! Kathie’s courses will help you understand – and possibly even enjoy – maths. And they will definitely help you pass it. Kathie has spent the whole of her adult life helping kids pass their final exams. She is so excited to take that help online!

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There are plenty of extra maths teachers and tutors out there – and most of them are excellent. There are plenty of maths courses out there covering the syllabus and teaching concepts.

So why would you buy ours?

Kathie doesn’t just teach you the subject. She teaches you how to pass an exam. How to recognise question types. How to approach them. What to look for, and what you need to remember when you recognise a specific pattern.

Because Cerebral courses aren’t just about the concepts – concepts are important, and we do cover them – but what we focus on, is passing!

But we aren’t stopping with maths. We will be adding more and more subjects all the time, building up an entire support base for South African high school students. Because we believe in education, we believe in South Africa and we believe that good education will move South Africa forward.

So join us, pass with us and make the world a better place with us!

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Learn comfortably, easily and anywhere.

We are 100% online, so you can study from anywhere. We aim to make passing as easy as possible for you, so our courses are:

  • Easy to watch on your laptop if at your desk, or on your couch
  • Easy to watch on your phone while on the move
  • Broken into bite-sized pieces so you can rest and revise
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Designed specifically to help you prepare for (and pass) exams
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