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If you are a high school student in South Africa (or the parent of one) and you are struggling to understand your subjects, this is the answer for you. Cerebral is a video-on-demand learning platform designed specifically to help South African high school students pass with ease. We are starting out with only one subject and grade: Mathematics for Grade 12, but we will be expanding our range of subjects quite soon! We promise you that passing IS possible, and we will help you make it happen.

Good luck!

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Every time you buy a maths course, we plant a tree in the world!

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A BRIEF Insight

Kathie Fry


Kathie Fry is our wonderful maths teacher. She has over thirty years worth of experience in helping students to understand maths and even end up loving a subject they thought they hated! Kathie has taught standard grade, higher grade, additional maths, AP maths and Maths literacy. She has worked in both CAPS and IEB schools and she also helped her own daughters pass matric with fantastic results! She knows her subject inside out and back to front and she knows exactly how to make hard concepts easy to understand. If you have been looking for a maths miracle, you just found it.

Tamryn Dicks


Tamryn Dicks is our accounting tutor. Tamryn is a registered accountant who owns and runs her own accountancy practice – going on 14 years now!

Tamryn actually did not study accounting in school, she learned it on the job. As a result, she has a unique approach to complex accounting concepts and is able to explain them practically – in ways that students can understand from real-life examples. If you have been battling to understand the why, what and how behind your accounting questions, then look no further, Tamryn will have you loving your work in no time!

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We promise you that passing IS possible, and we will help you make it happen.

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