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Exam Walkthrough – IEB Exam Paper Two


Course Intro

This is less of a course and more of a step-by-step presentation of how to complete the entire final exam, Paper Two.

Your teacher will take you through two past exam papers and answer all the questions, showing you how to approach the different problems, what to look for and recognise and which key concepts you need to remember, when.

The two past exam papers are the IEB 2019 and 2020 papers. You will be provided with the question papers and the memos so that you can follow along. You will also be given additional past papers to use for revision.

We highly recommend that you watch your teacher walk you through the 2019 past paper, while taking notes, and then you pause the course and complete the 2020 paper by yourself. After completing the entire exam, you can then watch the videos walking you through the memo.

You can purchase the Paper One walkthrough together with Paper Two in the Exam Walkthrough Package.

So every time you buy a course from Cerebral, YOU are making the world a better place.

Who is this course for?
  • Matric students preparing for the final exams.
  • Homeschooling students wanting to test their knowledge and make sure they understand the material.

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  • A desire to pass
  • A willingness to make hand-written notes and do the revision questions
  • A couple of hours of already-completed-studying of the exam material
  • An understanding of Grade8-11 Mathematics.
What do you learn?
  • How to answer an entire Paper Two Matric IEB Examination, question by question.